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Como Montar Tu Food Truck | Gastronomia Urbana Movil | GUMPR

"Emprende Sobre Ruedas" is the first and only entrepreneurship program in Puerto Rico that helps you start your own food truck. Our workshops are set up to inform and educate regarding what it takes to start and run efficiently a business on wheels. Learn what regulations exists in Puerto Rico and how to position yourself for success once you are up and running. 

General Topics:

  • Starting a Food Truck

  • Business & Strategic Plan

  • Permits & Legal Structure

  • Best Practices

  • Menu Development

  • Mobile Unit Design

  • Branding

  • Marketing & Public Relations

  • Social Media

  • And more!

For information about our workshops schedule follow our Facebook Fan Page at Food Trucks PR and check the "events" section. Or you can send us an email at

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